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tax incentives for retailers/appartment developers to add solar panels to stores

So much space is filled with big box retailers and big apartment buildings. My idea is to somehow give incentives to big box retailers or even Safeway/Lucky/Trader Joe stores to add solar panels to their roofs. A lot of energy could be generated and that would offset some of the energy spent on refrigeration/lights/air conditioning/heat inside the stores. 

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Organizations such as 350bayarea , the Sierra Club, the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), Greenpeace, and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) ,SET THE EXAMPLE : Stop driving your SUVS, CADILLACS, LAND ROVERS and RANGE ROVERS, MERCEDES 500, your personal JETS , Air Force 1 and 2 , turn the lights OFF on your Estates and Mansions  ; Ride a BURRO or DONKEY or HORSE ,  a Bicycle or WALK ; DO ALL THIS, SET THE EXAMPLE and do not tell me : do what I tell you ; that is Brainwashed Socialist Corrupted Liberals Mentality ; until you do that Shut the hell up ,retrieve to your satanic cave and stay there.

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petition from average joe citizen


Please post this petition on your website.

Thanks for considering,


  We do not want chemicals to get into our crops and
 drinking water.

  Hydrofluoric acid is being trucked around California’s
  back roads and injected into oil wells.
  'The stuff is so toxic that it can harm people up to 14
  miles downwind, government records show.'*
  PETITION to Governor Jerry Brown says:
  "Support the banning of putting -chemicals- in our
  and Watersheds from acidizing and fracking."
  ---> Will you sign this petition? Click here:

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Please add Transition US

Hi, please add Transition US ( to the Our Network page. The co-executive directors have endorsed 350 Bay Area's mission statement and would like to be listed as supporters. Transition US is headquartered in Sebastopol and has local initiatives all over the Bay Area, as well as other places.

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More of a Q: So, u have mtngs in PA? Can u post them on yur site pls?

I would like to get involved on the Peninsula. Is there a chapter on the Peninsula? Can you please post 350 Peninsula mtngs/events on your site? Thank you

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meetings that are happening

You need to get the 350BayArea 12/4 meeting on your Facebook page.  You should probably also have had the 12/2 meeting in Palo Alto.

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get CalPERS to divest

They have a link that lets companies submit investment proposals.  Let's think about the best way to submit a divestment proposal!

Also, we should be contacting our state representatives about other ways California can become fossil-fuel-free - transitioning the car fleet to electric, buying renewable electricity...


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