Stop Fracking California!

The Stop Fracking California committee of 350 Bay Area is working to ban the oil and gas extraction process of hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, as well as other extreme forms of oil extraction in California. Fracking, acidizing and other extreme oil extraction methods threaten to contribute a larger greenhouse gas footprint than coal over a twenty-year time frame as well as pollute water, land and air in areas where it is being done.

We plan on coordinating our efforts with groups already working to bring a halt to fracking and other extreme forms of oil extractions, in California. Our focus will be on the potential increase in greenhouse gas emissions and resulting climate impacts that will occur if these dangerous processes are allowed in California.

Next 350 BA Stop Fracking Meeting: Sunday, April 27, 2014

At the Berkeley Ecology Center, 2530 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, from 4 - 6 pm.

Contact Barbara for more information:

Sign our new petition asking Governor Brown to ban fracking in California!

Then download the petition and get others to sign. Directions for completed petitions are on the bottom of the petition.

No Fracking Way Mondays -- Call Governor Brown -- Tell him to issue a moratorium on fracking in California!

Call Gov. Brown @ (916) 445-2841 every Monday to send this message:

The people of California want Governor Brown to be the real Climate Governor. Support a moratorium now. DON'T FRACK California

Learn more about how fracking endangers our planetDownload our flyer (9/17/2013)

 Check out our recent actions:

Global Frackdown 2- October 20, Downtown Oakland

In spite of the BART strike about 200 people attended the Global Frackdown 2. It was a colorful and spirited demonstration of the public's rejection of extreme oil extraction methods such as fracking. Speakers included Jerome Waag, executive chef from Chez Panisse, from Chefs Against Fracking, Mari Rose from Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Marin County Supervisor and Coastal Commission member Steve Kinsey, Corey Hill from Global Exchange, Andy Katz from East Bay MUD, Ken Jones from 350 Marin and Rose Braz from Center for Biological Diversity. Singer Songwriter, Lucia Comnes performed her own songs for the crowd and led all in singing "Stop the Fracking" to the tune of "Clementine."

Frank Ogawa Plaza was bright with banners of many participating organizations, most member so the Californians Against Fracking alliance, and many homemade posters. There was a 50ft-long scroll with the names of fracking fluid chemicals, but only those that began with A could fit! There was a giant check to "buy" back California from the oil companies, made out to Governor Brown, representing 200,000 signatures of Californians who want to ban fracking, The biggest attraction was a 12 ft-high model of a drilling rig, which demonstrators carried over to the California State building on Clay St. at the end of the rally.


June 2, 6PM. Gasland Part II at the Asian Cultural Center, 388 9th St., Oakland

Members of 350 Bay Area StopFracking joined about 200 other people for the Bay Area premier of Gasland Part II, the sequel to Josh Fox's Oscar nominated Gasland, an expose' on fracking in America.

In Gasland Part ll the focus is more on the government's response to problems exposed in original Gasland.  It also makes it clear that the oil and gas industry is trying to frack anywhere it can in the world.  The industry’s goal is to use fracking to provide 50 years more of fracked gas and oil.  The movie contains a lot of damning facts about fracking.

In the panel discussion with Josh Fox following the film, he noted that a power point presentation with much of the factual information is being put together and will be available soon.  When asked about regulation, he pointed out that Pennsylvania has the best regulation in the country and is still suffering from the destructive effects of fracking. He expressed a commitment to helping Californians get a ban on fracking in this state. The DVD of the film will be available in about 6 months.

May 30, Noon-1 pm Californian's Against Fracking launched !

350 Bay Area Stop Fracking attended a rally at Governor Brown's office in San Francisco, organized by Center for Biological Diversity to launch a statewide coalition of groups working to ban fracking in California. More than 100,000 signatures on petitions calling for a ban on fracking were delivered to the Governor's offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The rally was timed to coincide with the west coast release of Gaslands II in LA. It was a spirited group, united in it's purpose.

Tuesday, May 21, 350 Bay Area Stop Fracking group lobbied in support of AB1301- a Fracking Moratorium in Sacramento

Five members of the 350 Bay Area Stop Fracking group joined Rose Braz and interns from Center for Biological Diversity to urge representatives to pass AB1301 of the "Suspense" file in the hearing on May 24, so it can be passed out of the Appropriations Committee. They went armed with a thoughtful and documented discourse on how fracking in California will contribute to climate change and thousands of signatures on support AB 1301 petitions. The group reported meeting with aides for several Assembly members and being received with thoughtful and respectful attention.

Another Victory!

April 29-Assembly Bill 1301 passed out of the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources 

Close to 100 supporters of AB1301, including many from 350 Bay Area, showed up at the hearing in Sacramento on Monday to urge passage of the bill that places an immediate moratorium on fracking in California. Prior to the hearing committee members had received thousands of emails, calls and visits in support of the moratorium. At least one assemblymember mentioned that the tremendous volume of calls in support of AB1301 crashed their phone system.

In the end, three bills placing restrictions on fracking in California, AB1301 by Richard Bloom, from Santa Monica, AB1323 by Holly Mitchell, from Los Angeles and AB649 by Adrin Nazarian, from Sherman Oaks, all passed out of the Committee on Natural Resources by 5-3 votes. AB 301 is considered the strongest moratorium bill because it would take a vote of the legislature to lift the ban after health and environmental studies on fracking were completed. All three bills will now proceed to the Appropriations Committee, where they are excepted to face a tougher fight for passage.

We will keep you updated on the bill's progress, and actions you can take to help ensure its passage.

April 12 and April 13-California Democratic Convention

The Stop Fracking committee of 350 Bay Area passed out flyers and urged delegates to support the strongest Fracking Moratorium resolution (the Goldman resolution) at the convention. This resolution was passed by the Resolution committee on Friday. Some members attended the Environmental caucus Friday night and helped elect the strongest environmentalist slate of RL miller, Rick Guerrero and Russell Greene to the committee.

Victory! On Sunday the strongest fracking moratorium resolution, as well as a resolution urging Obama to deny a presidential permit for the Keystone XL pipeline were passed as top priority. You can read all of the prioritized resolutions here.

April16-The State of Fracking in California: A Berkeley Earth Days Panel  at the Ecology Center, Berkeley, 7-9pm

350 Bay Area co-sponsored this event with the Ecology Center in Berkeley to raise public awareness about hydraulic fracturing or "fracking", the oil and gas extraction process that threatens our water, soil and air and would release significant amounts of greenhouse gases. The audience heard background information on fracking from Rose Braz from the Center for Biological Diversity. Mark Schlosberg from Food and Water Watch, summarized what is happening on fracking at the national level, while Andrew Grinberg, from Clean Water Action focused on efforts to stop fracking in California.

Sign the 350 Bay Area petition in support of AB1301- Imposes a moratorium on Fracking in California!




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