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Bay Area Transportation Campaign Launch

In general the goal of the new Transportation Campaign is to achieve the State's goal of 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (per SB32 passed this year), with a focus on the transportation sector of the economy and on the Bay Area.

Meeting: Sat. January 28, 2017, 10 AM - 12:30 PM
              South Berkeley library/Tarea Hall Pittman branch
              1901 Russell Street, at Martin Luther King, Jr. Way (one block from Ashby BART station)

We have not worked out a detailed agenda, but we are considering presentations on three key areas, all of which are needed to achieve the 40% reduction goal:

  1. Cleaner Vehicles--achieving both the now-threatened EPA goal of 54.5 mpg for all new cars by 2025, and State efforts to support electric vehicles.  Cleaner trucks are also part of this.
  2. Reducing vehicle miles traveled by supporting public transit, walking, and biking, also known as Active Transportation.  This is closely tied to plans to build virtually all new housing in the Bay Area in transit oriented Priority Development Area.
  3. Climate Initiatives--parking policies, carpool encouragement, new technology, clean vehicle rebates, and more.

The Active Transportation efforts and the Climate Initiatives efforts are under the jurisdiction of the Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), although the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is also playing an important supporting role (MTC and BAAQMD are located together at 375 Beale Street in San Francisco.  Cleaner vehicle regulations are under the control of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). 

We will try to accommodate people who want to phone in to the meeting (seeking tech support!)

Details on the agenda to follow.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

January 28, 2017 at 10am
South Berkeley Library/Tarea Hall Pittman branch
1901 Russell St
Berkeley, CA 94705
United States
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350BA In The News

"Stand Up For Science" Protest at the AGU Conference 

350BA was covered in the "Stand Up For Science" Protest at the AGU Conference 12/13/2016 in San Francisco in an interview and pictures...

TV News:

KGO ABCSci_rally3.jpg

This clip includes a few seconds of 350BA Steering Committee member, Richard Gray.  Unfortunately, also significant time on a climate denier at the AGU conference.  Wow - false equivalency! Please send a message to Vic Lee (@vicleeabc7 #) and the station: Doubt? Controversy? Not according to science (like lead in drinking water).


KPIX CBS:  Sci_rally2.jpgOur sign shown and excellent coverage of the protest.





Articles (with 350BA in pictures):

Washington Post: Researchers reckon with the ‘Trumpocene’ at the world’s largest Earth science meeting .
350BA sign in the top pic of the Stand for Science Rally. A great article.

Yale Climate Connections:  PicsSci_rally1.jpg

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BAYCA Youth Group

350 Bay Area's youth chapter is a completely youth-led group, taking action on climate change. This group meets on a regular basis to discuss how, as youth, we can use our voice to create effective change. The youth chapter comes up with integrative solutions to climate change to bring back to their homes, schools, and communities, as well as actions to implement Bay Area wide.

350 Bay Area's BAYCA, facebook page here, is a completely youth-led group, with the goal of taking action on climate change.

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Speakers Bureau

Welcome to the 350 Bay Area Speakers Bureau! 

Get informed and help spread the word. Our experienced presenters are ready to speak to your group or organization. 

We offer general presentations about the causes and solutions to the climate crisis. We can also focus on specific issues or campaigns such as divestment, clean energy, fracking, organizing to oppose oil and coal transport in California, etc. Talks can be tailored to fit the age, interests and knowledge of the audience. We can present with or without slides, depending on your venue and equipment.

We explain the climate crisis in clear layperson’s language and make it relevant to the lives of the audience. We emphasize hope by explaining how there is a clear path out of the crisis towards a clean energy future. Most importantly, our speakers always come with ways to join the now unstoppable citizens climate movement and make a difference for the planet.

To request a speaker send an email to oncojan@yahoo.com.

To volunteer to be trained as a speaker, also email oncojan@yahoo.com.


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Monthly Donations

Monthly donations are the best way to help us work for a stable climate by providing a predictable revenue stream.  Your contributions will be careful spent, laser-focused on reducing GHG emissions in the Bay Area and beyond.

If you prefer a tax-deductible donation, Click Here to contribute to the 350 Bay Area Climate Education Fund (a 501c3 educational non-profit). The best support is your Monthly Donation, providing reliable revenue. Funds donated to this are dedicated to education on climate change and ways to address it.

Note: Currently you must be a member of PayPal  to make monthly donations. Click here to go to PayPal for free membership (then click Sign Up).  For a one-time donation (through PayPal, but not requiring membership in PayPal) , click here.

Your monthly donation is a great way to enable and fund 350 Bay Area to help the San Francisco Bay Area be a leader against Climate Change.

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We're in coalition with many groups doing climate-related work (see Our Network).

We've begun to formally recognize tighter mutual relationships as Allies:



  Committed to environmental justice and the health of all Bay Area communities threatened by fossil fuel industries and climate change.





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TV Ad for PCR

BREAKING! We are running this ad this week for the People's Climate Rally on MSNBC in Oakland and San Francisco!

The is the first TV ad buy in the US by an all-volunteer climate group! See you at the Rally!

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