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Monthly Donations

Monthly donations are the best way to help us work for a stable climate by providing a predictable revenue stream.  Your contributions will be careful spent, laser-focused on reducing GHG emissions in the Bay Area and beyond.

If you prefer a tax-deductible donation, Click Here to contribute to the 350 Bay Area Climate Education Fund (a 501c3 educational non-profit). The best support is your Monthly Donation, providing reliable revenue. Funds donated to this are dedicated to education on climate change and ways to address it.

Note: Currently you must be a member of PayPal  to make monthly donations. Click here to go to PayPal for free membership (then click Sign Up).  For a one-time donation (through PayPal, but not requiring membership in PayPal) , click here.

Your monthly donation is a great way to enable and fund 350 Bay Area to help the San Francisco Bay Area be a leader against Climate Change.

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We're in coalition with many groups doing climate-related work (see Our Network).

We've begun to formally recognize tighter mutual relationships as Allies:


SA_Logo.png Committed to environmental justice and the health of all Bay Area communities threatened by fossil fuel industries and climate change.





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TV Ad for PCR

BREAKING! We are running this ad this week for the People's Climate Rally on MSNBC in Oakland and San Francisco!

The is the first TV ad buy in the US by an all-volunteer climate group! See you at the Rally!

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DECS Sponsors and Endorsers

List your endorsement of Dirty Energy/Clean Solutions: Climate Conference 2014, from yourself or your organization. Send your logo to Rand.Wrobel@gmail.com. Thanks for helping spread the word!

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We can lead America to a future of safe, sustainable energy! Our planet belongs to us, not a few billionaires who want to destroy its ability to sustain life. We INSIST that climate change be addressed. We INSIST that toxins be eliminated from our water and air. We INSIST that our children and grandchildren inherit a planet they can live healthy lives on.

Action Parade Demands

Post your suggestions for Demands -- what you see is needed in 2014 on this largest day on environmental action.  These will be reviewed and consolidated to be posted at the Earth Day Action Rally. Note if these are from your organization or yourself.

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Incredible that this is happening in CA!!?!

Tell Governor Brown to ban fracking in California!

1,323 signatures
Sign our petition asking Governor Brown to lead efforts to prevent the climate change catastrophe of expanded drilling for dirty oil in California.

Governor Jerry Brown:

We recognize your strong commitment to protecting our climate and call on you to ban fracking in California.  Fracking accelerates climate disruption.  Fracking and the use of fracked oil will produce a huge increase in greenhouse gas emissions, virtually wiping out progress made by California toward emissions reduction.  I want California to move forward to clean, renewable energy and leave dirty shale oil in the ground.  New York, New Jersey and Vermont have already enacted bans or moratoriums on fracking.  California has always been the leader in fighting climate disruption.  We call on you to provide that leadership now and ban fracking to ensure our children and theirs will have a habitable earth to live on.

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