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Sunflower Alliance

Last August 3rd the folks of the Sunflower Alliance organized the March on Chevron.  Flush with enthusiasm we have now taken on the broader effort to halt Big Oil's plans to expand their operations in the East Bay to enable the refining of Tar Sands and fracked crude on a large scale.  They are planning to build infrastructure to accommodate daily hundreds of rail cars and hundreds of thousands of barrels of dirty crude.

The Sunflower Alliance is a coalition of individuals and organizations who have come together to fight for environmental justice, indigenous people's rights, and basic health and safety in communities of the Est Bay threatened by the fossil fuel industry.  But our struggle is equally for an end to the ruinous fossil fuel economy itself, and for its replacement with a just and sustainable labor-oriented economy that meets people's real needs and does not destroy the earth's climate.

The No Tar Sands Team, which was instrumental in helping form the Sunflower Alliance, will continue to meet when necessary and will serve as the liaison between 350 Bay Area and the Sunflower Alliance, representing 350BA. The Sunflower Alliance is a growing force of the climate justice movement taking on Big Oil. The NTS team will focus our energy participating in this Alliance. Want to fight the refining of Tar Sands and fracked crude? Join us.

June 15th – Sunflower Alliance meeting. 1 – 3 PM Bobbie Bowens Center, 1021 Macdonald Ave., Richmond CA 94804.

Regular bi-monthly meeting of Sunflower Alliance   View Map

The Sunflower Alliance (SA) is currently assisting the grassroots organizing going on in Pittsburg. WesPac Energy is attempting to construct a rail terminal and expanded shipping to accommodate 242,000 barrels a day which would then be piped to the local refineries.

For more information go  the Pittsburg Defense Council website.

  • Join us for door-to-door petitioning in Pittsburg on Saturdays at 10am. Call (925) 318-1264 for details.
  • Help do phonebanking  Call (925) 318-1264 for details.
  • Sign the online petition to prevent the construction of an oil terminal next to downtown Pittsburg!
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