I don't need no stinking headline.

I want to march for climate action.  I support 350 Bay Area to the extent that it facilitates the march.

signed Air District Board: Take real climate leadership now 2015-01-19 17:54:10 -0800
Watch this and you’ll know how we can end GHG emissions utterly and completely by 2040 (“Can Thorium End Our Energy Crisis?”, 10 minute video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2vzotsvvkw&feature=share

Air District Board: Take real climate leadership now


The Air District's Climate Protection Program began 10 years ago, yet not one rule to limit greenhouse gases (GHGs) from stationary sources has been adopted, and in 2012 the Air District actually amended its Permit Regulation to exclude even a review of GHG emissions (let alone require reductions) from virtually all permit evaluations.

The Air District is focused on a long term Regional Climate Action Strategy. We asked for and fully support that.

But it's also urgent to take action now to reduce GHG emissions. Many solutions are already well understood. The Air District has the power and the responsibility to implement them.

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Dear BAAQMD Board,

Please take real climate leadership and direct Air District staff to:

  • STAFFING — Assign sufficient staff to GHG rule development.
  • AIR PERMIT RULES — Eliminate the GHG exclusion, and incorporate emission reduction goals into permit rules. Stop GHG emission increases. Achieve actual reductions.
  • CLEAN BUILDINGS — Develop and promote model rules for clean buildings beyond California requirements. Work toward the elimination of combustion GHGs and all other pollutants from building systems and appliances. Clean energy systems are already being installed on new and existing residential and commercial buildings in the Bay Area. Clean buildings are the "low hanging fruit" for GHG reductions. The time is ripe to promote Bay Area climate action leadership and work toward a regional mandate.
  • DECARBONIZE BAY AREA INDUSTRIES — Set a goal and pathway to decarbonize Bay Area industries. Overhaul combustion rules to move Bay Area industries toward Clean Technology and Design Alternatives as well as efficiency improvements. Most GHG emissions come from combustion, as do particulate emissions (which according to a 2012 BAAQMD report kill 1,700 Bay Areans every year). Only by ending reliance on combustion for heat and power can we clean the air and protect the climate. Industries, developers and vendors will need a long lead time to bring solutions to market. The time to begin the process is now.
  • CLEAN POWER — Investigate and implement every avenue the Air District can take to support, mandate and fund clean power generation through CEQA mitigation, permitting and regulatory action.


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Are you blind, Thomas Graham? Humans have already changed the course of this planet. One small example is the Amazon Rainforest, which would not exist were it not for human cultivation starting thousands of years before Europeans named it.
Pessimists about the future of the human race are almost invariably wrong because they extrapolate from current problems, without accounting for inevitable course changes that mounting problems trigger.
Always look on the bright side of life. You’ll live longer.

Born, became bike-riding physicist, dodging death at every turn.