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Special Event


Fossil Free California Campaign Launch in Sacramento

Global Divestment Day

Join us Friday, February 13th 12:00 in Sacramento to launch our Fossil Free California Campaign. Tell CalPERS and CalSTRS to divest their $20 billion investment funds from fossil fuels.

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Rally for Solar 10/14

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 12:00 PM · 17 rsvps
PG&E Headquarters in San Francisco, CA

California's investor-owned utilities(IOUs) have launched an attack to undermine rooftop solar through their proposals for residential rate structure, and for the new net metering program. IOUs want to impose a fixed charge on solar customers only,  limit compensation for energy exported to the grid through net metering, and shift the "true-up" cycle for net metering customers from yearly to monthly. These proposals would effectively make it impossible for customers to come close to "zero-ing out' their monthly bills.  California has over 6GW(rooftop and utility-scale) of solar PV installed--we need to protect future growth of rooftop solar.

Homeowners and businesses with rooftop solar are paid for the energy they generate through a process known as net metering, in which they receive credits for the energy they export to the grid that cancel out the cost of the electricity they use at other times. With a large enough solar array, homeowners and businesses can have "net zero" energy use, and pay only small fees for their electric meters. California's net metering program is set to expire in 2017, and the CPUC is currently developing the next version of the program and taking input from stakeholders: the utilities, business groups, the solar industry, and some activist groups.

The utilities have proposed a new version of net metering under which homeowners with solar would be paid much less for the energy they export to the grid than what we pay for the energy they use, which would make it almost impossible to go "net zero." The utilities also want to change the "true-up cycle" for net metered customers from monthly to yearly, taking away the ability of the extra solar energy produced in the summer to "cancel out" energy used in the winter. The utilities also want to impose fixed charges for solar companies only!

For more information on net metering and the utilities' proposals: blog post from Alison Seel, attorney for the Sierra Club working on the net metering proceeding. Whether or not you can attend the rally, make sure you sign this petition to the CPUC to support rooftop solar.


Paris COP21 Northern California Climate Mobilization planning mtg 10/15

Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 07:00 PM
Berkeley Community College in Berkeley, CA

NCClimateMobilization_Flier4_250_pixels.jpg  Join us to plan for the Northern California Climate Mobilization November 21st.    Thursday, October 15, 7-9 PM, Berkeley Community College, 2050 Center Street, Room 311.  (1/2 block from Berkeley BART)  We need volunteers for media, outreach, program and many day-of activities such as monitors, staff for sign-in tables, clean up, etc.  Join us to build this mobilization toward Paris COP21.  See more details about the event below:












Gather & Speak at Air District 10/19

Monday, October 19, 2015 at 09:00 AM · 12 rsvps
Air District Headquarters in San Francisco, CA

The Air District has been green lighting massive refinery expansion project proposals when we should be expanding clean energy and reducing our use of fossil fuels. The Air District's stated mission is to protect the public health. The community has called upon the Air District to take action in line with its mission and pass refinery emission rules which include numeric caps on greenhouse gas emissions. Come to the meeting early, wearing your CAP (any will do) and gather outside before the meeting to give silent witness & then let your voice be heard inside the meeting at BAAQMD, or sit in solidarity with those who do speak.


350 East Bay Area On-Ramp Meeting 10/24

Saturday, October 24, 2015 at 10:30 AM · 14 rsvps Office in Oakland, CA

Whether you've been to meetings before or this is your first, the on-ramp meeting is a great opportunity to get involved in 350 East Bay and 350 Bay Area and our campaigns. We'll give a background to the organizations and the campaigns, and discuss key upcoming events, including organizing on the "road to Paris."


Refineries to Renewables 10/27

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at 07:00 PM · 7 rsvps
David Brower Center in Berkeley, CA

A Just Transition: Refineries to Renewables 

Do you know if your home lies within an oil train blast zone? How many people in your community have suffered health issues related to Bay Area refineries? Oil travels through the Bay Area every day -- where does it come from, and where does it go?

Most Bay Area residents are not aware of the extent to which their homes, workplaces and local communities are affected by local refineries and refinery-related transport. In this interactive conversation, Bay Area "refinery row" residents and energy visionaries will offer testimony on their shared work toward a sustainable energy future. Speakers will include Jack Lucero Fleck of 350 Bay Area, Jessica Hendricks of Global Community Monitor, oil and energy expert Antonia Juhasz, Greg Karras of Communities for a Better Environment, Colin Miller of Bay Localize, Janet Pygeorge of the Rodeo Citizens Association and Nancy Rieser of Bay Area Refinery Corridor Coalition. Together we'll consider what speeds a just transition from fossil fuels, what we can learn from local actions and partnerships, and what justice has to do with all of this.

Sliding Scale $2-10 

more info: here

sponsored by David Brower Center & the Sunflower Alliance


100% Renewables Campaign Meeting 10/27

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at 07:30 PM
Lisa's home in Palo Alto, CA

Join us for our next 100% Renewable Campaign meeting, October 27th.   We are working on supporting the development of local Community Choice Energy and other local clean energy programs, as well as working on key state level regulation and legislation affecting clean energy. This meeting will be especially focused on local issues in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. 


Ditch & Switch 10/29

Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 07:00 PM · 7 rsvps
David Brower Center in Berkeley, CA

Ditch and Switch: How California Can End Fossil Fuel Extraction and Embrace 100-percent Wind and Solar 

To avoid climate change's worst dangers, most fossil fuels must stay in the ground. Yet Californians live in the country's third-largest oil-producing state.

Please join Stanford scientist Mark Jacobson and Center for Biological Diversity climate law expert Kassie Siegel for a discussion of how and why California must halt fracking, move away from dirty fossil fuel extraction and quickly embrace a clean-energy future.

Siegel is a leader in the movement to keep California's dirty oil in the soil. Jacobson engages in ground-breaking research on achieving a transformation to 100-percent wind and solar.

As we approach the landmark Paris climate talks, come hear about these paradigm-shifting strategies to achieve climate justice.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m, moderated discussion at 7 p.m.
Cost: Free

more info: here

Sponsored by the Center for Biological Diversity and featuring Stanford scientist Mark Jacobson


350 SF All-Member Gathering 11/8

Sunday, November 08, 2015 at 03:00 PM
Are you:     New to 350SF?     A friend of 350SF?     A longstanding member of 350SF?

This meeting is for you!


Our all-member gatherings provide a chance for us to get together and celebrate our victories over the past few months, get to know each other, and get ready for the featured event. Come join us, whether you are a seasoned member or a newbie, whether you've been active lately or not.  

Agenda for This Gathering

(not necessarily in the order shown)

      • Greeting each other
      • Refreshments
      • Sharing our concerns and ideas
      • Painting signs and banners for the featured coming event
      • Hearing what 350SF has been up to
      • Brainstorming and planning

Bring your friends

Please RSVP so we can plan a good meeting.


Road Through Paris: NorCal Climate Mobilization 11/21

Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 10:30 AM · 56 rsvps
Lake Merritt Amphitheater

NCClimateMobilization_Flier4_250_pixels.jpgThe world is focusing its attention on the climate crisis due to the upcoming climate talks in Paris. Globally people are marching at the end of November to show the people power we have in our movement. Join us in a Northern California mass mobilization in advance of the 2015 UN Conference of Parties in Paris (COP21).

10:30 am - Gather at Lake Merritt Amphitheatre
12:00 noon - March
1:00 pm - Rally at Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza

Meet at the Lake Merritt Amphitheatre (map)
March to Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza (map)
[march route map]

Please visit the march/rally website for more details.


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