Climate Bills Sign-On Letter - Short version

California Climate Leadership Benefits Us All

Pass Strong SB 350 and SB 32 Climate Bills

(This is a shorter 700 word version)

The climate bills at the legislative finish line will strengthen California’s economy and leadership. There are tremendous economic and health benefits of our clean energy future, compared to the dirty, hot and toxic “bad trip” that Big Oil would have California forever addicted to.  Big Oil is desperate to stop or weaken SB 350 and SB 32. It's important to keep the 50% petroleum reduction goal, and to keep Community Choice electrical power strong. 

Like any investment, building our clean renewable energy future isn’t free—or is it? According to Citi, the lifetime ('levelized') cost of electricity in scenarios from new solar and wind is close to or lower than the cost of new coal, oil or gas, and it's still falling.  Let that soak in: Save the planet and save on energy costs!  

Oil, gas and coal are far more expensive than consumer costs reflect, $37.5 billion in annual tax subsidies nationally.  Much more costly, like an over-the-limit credit card, the completely unrestrained carbon and methane pollution are hidden fees, fooling us into paying exorbitant extreme weather interest and pollution penalties.  Those costs are compounding with unprecedented temperatures, drought, and wildfires.

Lose-Lose Costs of Inaction

  • Climate Catastrophe: Environmental & Property Damage: Trillions in droughts, wildfires, sea level rise, mega-storm damage, habitat stress, extinctions, climate refugees...all disproportionately impacting the vulnerable. Snowpack loss threatens water supplies. It’s “an immediate threat to national security". $100 Billion is estimated for 1.4m ocean rise in California with a major flood event.
  • Food Shortages & Higher Costs: Billions in higher (like 4x) food costs due to failed and unplantable crops, and more pests. The whole ocean food chain is threatened.
  • Huge Health Costs:  Billions in health costs already from combustion pollution and heat stress, which disproportionately hurt vulnerable people. Truck routes, freeways and refineries are concentrated in minority communities. Add infectious pests, and pollution from extracting fossil fuels. It all decreases quality of life, and more ER visits.
  • Safety & Pollution Costs: Billions in costs from contaminated oceans, coastlines, watersheds and aquifers from fracking waste, pipeline and wellhead spills, not to mention exploding oil trains.
  • Fuel & Subsidies Costs: Billions to the volatile dirty fuel market. Why? Solar and wind ’fuel’ are free.

Win-Win-Win Benefits of Clean Energy Leadership Now

  • More Jobs: Billions of dollars in clean tech jobs.  There are far more, far healthier jobs in solar, wind, energy retrofits, and clean tech start-ups than in fossil fuels.
  • Cheaper Energy: Billions saved using independent, clean renewable energy. Solar and wind are essentially free once the investment is paid for. That’s good business, creating a strong economy.
  • Property Savings:  Trillions. Less ocean rise saves trillions from relocating or protecting coastal cities. Add a shorter fire season, more water, more productive farms.
  • Environmental Savings: Billions in an environment with more stable habitats, more surviving species (priceless, really), void of explosions and toxic fossil-related spills. No solar panel ever exploded.
  • Efficiency and Conservation Savings: Billions in lower energy costs. For example: electric vehicles are 3x more efficient, with energy costs at a fraction of gasoline’s—free if you own solar panels.
  • Lower Healthcare Costs: 100’s of Billions: Eliminating combustion pollution provides a better quality of life for all. More affordable food and lessening killer heatwaves saves lives..

California Leadership Benefits

The primary barriers to 100% clean energy are political and social.  So, 50% is very achievable.  California “Can Do” spirit will make it happen, unlike Western States Petroleum Association and its paid-for friends who say Californians “just can’t do” this.

The strongest SB 350 and SB 32 bills will influence the nation and the world.  Will our political willpower be enough soon enough?  These bills’ bright, cool and clean future saves the planet and saves money.  The only losers are fossil fuel companies, and their hot, dirty, toxic, costly and ultimately fatal “Business As Usual.”

California leadership can change the world ̶ leading the clean energy future we both save money and help the climate back toward stability. Pass strong climate bills SB 350 and SB 32.  California’s unique CAN DO climate leadership benefits us all. 


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