100% Renewable Energy Campaign Energy Campaign Call, 7/20

California's legislature is considering a package of four climate bills that would have far-reaching policy impacts.  The legislature has just entered a month-long recess, which presents a key opportunity for lobbying lawmakers in their district offices. 350 Bay Area is actively involved in lobbying efforts in support of three of the bills(SB32, SB350, and SB185). Find more information below. The 100% Renewable Energy campaign has focused on SB32 and SB350. We will have a meeting to discuss lobbying strategy during the recess as well as other important bills.  All are welcome.

Please note--change in conference call number! 

Conference call#: 302-202-1092access: 9733470#


350 Bay Area supports three key pieces of legislation: SB 32, SB 350 and SB 185

SB 32 (Pavely) sets an overarching greenhouse gas emission reduction target of 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.  This action will:

  • Set clear, achievable climate pollution reduction targets in law;
  • Identify priorities to guide implementation; and
  • Stabilize revenues from California’s cap-and-trade system that go into energy efficiency, cleaner transportation, and investing in disproportionately impacted communities.

In 2006 the state adopted AB 32, which required the state to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. The state is on track to exceed the goals of AB 32, with clear benefits to all Californians. More information http://focus.senate.ca.gov/climate

SB 350 (De Leon-Leno), sets three carbon reduction goals to be reached by 2030.

  1. Reduce petroleum use by 50%
  2. Require that 50% of all electricity provided by California utilities come from renewable sources by increasing the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).
  3. Increase energy efficiency in all existing buildings by 50%

Among many potential benefits, SB 350 will:

  • Reduce climate pollution and improve the health of Californians. The production, refining, and the use of petroleum accounts for nearly half of greenhouse gas emissions, 80% of smog-forming pollution, and over 95% of cancer-causing diesel particulate matter.
  • Raise funds through the cap-and-trade program to benefit low income communities around the state that have suffered the most from the production, refining and transport of fossil fuels.
  • Builds on the success of California’s existing RPS, through which California has reached a point where 23% of electricity comes from renewable sources.
  • Demonstrate on a large scale the cost effectiveness of clean energy.  According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, renewable power generation costs in 2014 were either as cheap or cheaper than coal, oil, and gas-fired power plants—even without financial support and despite drops in oil prices. 

For more information: http://focus.senate.ca.gov/sites/focus.senate.ca.gov/files/climate/505050.html)

SB 185: Coal Divestment (De Leon)

 SB 185 requires California’s two largest pension funds to divest from coal.

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) together have $300 million invested in coal. The coal industry not only contributes to climate change; every year, it’s responsible for 800,000 premature deaths around the world.

It would be the first fossil fuel divestment bill enacted by any state legislature in the country—and a giant step toward divestment from all fossil fuels.

For more information http://www.fossilfreeca.org/





July 20, 2015 at 7pm - 9pm
Conference call
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