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"Stand Up For Science" Protest at the AGU Conference 

350BA was covered in the "Stand Up For Science" Protest at the AGU Conference 12/13/2016 in San Francisco in an interview and pictures...

TV News:

KGO ABCSci_rally3.jpg

This clip includes a few seconds of 350BA Steering Committee member, Richard Gray.  Unfortunately, also significant time on a climate denier at the AGU conference.  Wow - false equivalency! Please send a message to Vic Lee (@vicleeabc7 #) and the station: Doubt? Controversy? Not according to science (like lead in drinking water).


KPIX CBS:  Sci_rally2.jpgOur sign shown and excellent coverage of the protest.





Articles (with 350BA in pictures):

Washington Post: Researchers reckon with the ‘Trumpocene’ at the world’s largest Earth science meeting .
350BA sign in the top pic of the Stand for Science Rally. A great article.

Yale Climate Connections:  PicsSci_rally1.jpg

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